3 Favorite Color Palettes

I can neither confirm nor deny that I have an affinity for neutral color palettes. Okay, I confirm it. And so does my Instagram feed. I’m crazy for calm neutrals and maaaaybe a pop of a bright accent color. They’re not in any order, just like I wouldn’t put my kids in a favorite order. Although I did save my favorite for last. The color palette…not the kid.
Favorite #1:
Gray all day.
White all night.
These colors together say laid back and a totally calm vibe, dude. White walls or even very light gray fit in perfectly with this color palette. Brown, navy and even some light blue can keep the room feeling light, airy, and casual.
Favorite #2:
Blue and blush pink with gold accents.
I don’t know what it is about navy blue and gold together, but it makes me feel so happy. Like when Ross and Rachel end up together.
Favorite #3: My actual favorite
There’s that navy blue again!
This one is just stunning, with major complimentary colors here. The kelly green with the navy blue and the gold accents…just…there are no words. The brown leather chairs keep the space from feeling too formal, and I love the slightest touch of pink in the art.
What are your fav color palettes? Are you a neutral lover like me, or are you color all the way?

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