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Mondays are…well, Mondays. I want to give you a high five to start your week. Here are my high 5 : a space, my home base, a face, a word of grace, and a place.
This “mud room” is anything but. The pattern on the floor is balanced by the neutral walls and cabinets. I particularly love the natural wood bench that almost looks like it’s a blush color. I wonder if having a mudroom this pretty would be the solution to having it overrun with boots and shoes and jackets…it’s just too pretty to leave anything lying around!
We are gearing up for Thanksgiving over here. And by gearing up, I mean leaving things ’til the last minute. Ryan is working on demoing a family’s guest house and a couple little odd jobs here and there. I’ve got some back work going for a couple projects, and getting tons of visits from the UPS and FedEx guys. My office/shop is full of boxes for a bedroom project that I’ll be installing before Christmas (yay!). Ryan and I had some pics taken this past weekend by Swiss & Dot Photography for our website and social media accounts. I’ve had an unpublished “about” page on our website that is more about Ryan and I, just waiting for pics. I love Courtney’s light-filled pictures and overall style, so I knew I had to have her take our pics (she did our family photos this past summer as well).
+ FACE +
I don’t remember when I first stumbled upon @macymakesmyday on InstaGram, but I loved their family and their story immediately. Their story of adoption (x3), Down Syndrome, and advocacy is inspiring. Heather has a great blog and a new book The Lucky Few.
Some days we just need a word. Something that reminds us to keep on going and reminds us we’re not alone. It’s a grace to hear things like this:
In a world of CGI and green screens, something this fantastic seems like it’s straight out of a fairy tale, but it’s the real deal! I want to go to there.
Hope this ^5 starts your Monday out right!

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