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Interior design. It’s about intention, paying attention to the needs of a client, anticipating the use of the space. I love every part of the process and my second favorite thing is watching my clients’ faces as they come into their renovated space for the first time. My most favorite part is the text or email I get days or weeks afterwards. The ones telling me how they’re spending their time together more as a family, inviting friends over. Their kids sit in their reading tent, giggling and whispering. They snuggle up on their bed as a family, watching movies. And my favorite: they love their home more than they ever did. This life is 100% about connecting with each other.
Last week, I did a project I’ve been itching to do for at least a year: I painted our piano (you can find a step-by-step tutorial here). I’m not typically a color-hugger, but this color choice had special meaning and a very intentional purpose behind it.
Now, I’m guessing you’re wondering at this point what a piano has to do with connection. Well, to me, yellow is light and sunshine. It’s warmth and fun and energy.
To me, my daughter, is yellow.
She is nine, and she has a very rare disease that is slowly damaging her body and her mind. She is already middle-aged based on the life expectancy of a child with this debilitating diagnosis. It’s been six years, almost to the day, that we first heard the word “Sanfilippo, Type A.”
It’s enough to say that in our lives, separately and together, we’d never experienced such devastation. I can also tell you that we have never been more in tune with the importance of every moment. This little girl who we have the privilege to parent, is a magnet for the beautiful things. She is a beaming light of pure, innocent love and absolutely floods her little world with warmth.
She loves music. When she was still pretty young, she had freakishly perfect rhythm. Even though she has lost many of her skills, she still has her two-note song she bangs out on the piano, and music, especially with a noticeable rhythm, grabs her attention and gets her bouncing. Her love of music combined with her love of life inspired the piano’s cheery hue.
She has taught me the importance of connection. She has taught me that moments are precious. She has taught me to not take myself too seriously, and to soak in the experiences that bring me joy. She’s busted this heart wide open to be more receptive to LIFE.
Yellow was the only reasonable choice.
If you’re interested in what products I used and the process of painting such a huge piece, you can find that post here.

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