How to PAINT!

Painting is a fantastic way to change up a room, add character, and make a BIG impact for a small investment. We’re sharing our tips n’ tricks (and some of our favorite tools) to get the job done right.
Interior, water based
How much? Measure the length of each of the walls in your room (most have 8 ft ceilings): wall length (in ft) x wall height (in ft) = square foot of that wall. Each gallon covers about 400 sq ft. One gallon will do one coat in a room that’s about 12×12. You will need to do two coats on most walls, unless you’re applying an identical or nearly identical color. If you’re covering a really dark color with a light color, you’ll want to get one coat of water based primer on first. That also applies to trim. If you have water marks, smoke stains, or a nasty smell (like the dog didn’t quite make it outside), use an oil based primer like Kilz and go over the troubled areas. Wear a respirator, make sure it’s well ventilated because that stuff is very potent!
What sheen? The sheen is a way to tell how matte or shiny a product is–flat, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, and gloss. It’s based largely on preference, but this is what we go with:
Flat: ceilings
Eggshell: bathroom, entire house
Satin: entire house
Semi-gloss: trim
Gloss: occasionally, trim
The more shiny the sheen, the more imperfections are going to show up. It may be tempting to think that the shiny hides bumps and unevenness, but it actually draws attention to flaws.
Drop cloths
Paint brush: we love this one by Purdy, 2 1/2″ angled brush.
Roller pad: 1/2″ nap. The larger the number for the nap, the thicker the pad is. A 1/2″ nap will do the job. Go for a mid-grade price because the cheaper ones may be prone to shed, and who wants to make their painting project take longer because they’re picking fuzz off their newly painted walls? The other benefit to buying one that is higher quality, is you can usually rinse them out and use them again.
Roller arm
Paint pan & paint pan liner (cleanup is easier!)

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