One Room Challenge + Week1

You know how they say that a mechanic always has broken down cars at home? A roofer has leaks? A donut maker has no donut holes? Although I’m pretty sure no one says that last one. Point is, I’m an interior designer, but that means squat when it comes to my own house. Particularly our bedroom.
Studio McGee
I mean, isn’t it horrible?! Blech.
Just kidding. This is my inspiration.
Ours needs so much work. I mean, we have a bed and clothes and stuff, but it’s a far cry from the relaxing, comfortable, restful place I envision it could be. When I made my new year’s resolutions for 2018, one of them was to give our bedroom a makeover. The One Room Challenge is the perfect opportunity to do that! 6 weeks where I have to blog about progress and meet deadlines and show you pictures of how it’s going? It’s a procrastinator’s dream! Forced into getting ‘er done.
I 110% believe in the power that the environment you’re in affects your mental and emotional health, and that’s one of the reasons I do what I do. I’m all about doing things with intention, and a lot of what I’m tackling in our bedroom is a direct reflection of that.
Full disclaimer: I am also a total nerd.
I was so tempted to track this whole One Room Challenge like a trip through Mordor back to the Shire. The initials are ORC, and my Lord of the Rings loving self couldn’t help thinking of Frodo and his abundantly hairy feet. But I won’t. Probably.
So, moment of truth. This is what our bedroom looked like a week ago:
It’s a pit of despair. Here’s my mood board as my tentative plan for Operation Baggins. I mean ORC. Also, some room designs I find inspirational and that fit with my personal aesthetic.
Cozy, neutral palette, modern vibe
Master Bedroom Mood Board #ORC
California casual, a bit of mid-century modern, lots of neutrals and nature-inspired colors are my jam.
Lists are my favorite thing in the world (which is why I really should have stock in Post-It notes) and I have a giant to-do list for this room that we’re going to tackle over the next several weeks.
First on the list is really not at all about making it cute–it’s about getting rid of stuff. Getting rid of things feels mighty good to me. Therapeutic really. I already tackled my books, my closet and dresser, and then moved on to my daughter’s room and the kitchen cabinets. Must get back on track. Some things need a new spot somewhere else in my house (like the cello in the closet), a lot is getting donated, and some is staying put.
-Paint: walls, trim, and doors
-Organize that closet: This is going to be the biggest part of this project. I’d like to not have the big bulky dresser in here anymore. I thought about putting a cute mcm one in (like the one in the mood board), but I think we have enough closet space…just needs to be organized and have some additional closet accessories installed. Oh, and have doors. When we moved in, there were mirrored bypass doors. I’m pretty sure I took them down within the first week. I don’t need to see all of myself in full morning glory when my kids wake me up too early. Again.
-Accessorize: curtains, pillows, a plant or two (maaaaaybe even a real one…we’ll see how adventurous I get), lamps, and art. Possibly a rug, but our room is carpeted, so it’s not a necessity, but it sure would be cute.
Ryan and I are currently…disagreeing politely….about the ceiling fan. We have a very temperate climate, and the fan gets used maybe 10 days out of the year. I’d love to do a fancy shmancy fixture, but the other half wants to keep the fan. We’ll see how Frodo and Sam get through this kerfuffle.
Join me here next week for an update on our ORC and check out my Instagram stories over the next week for behind the scenes shenanigans. You can also check out what the official participants and guest participants are up to HERE.

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