One Room Challenge + Week2

I’m going to try so hard to write a coherent blog post. It’s going to be challenging though because I’ve been smelling paint fumes for a week.
To start off, I’m a guest participant with a load of other bloggers all tracking their 6 week transformations, and there are 20 amazing official participants who are rocking it! You can read all about both official and guest participants HERE.
{If you’re not following along on Instagram (HERE), I’m showing you a lot of stuff on stories, like spiders and messes and yes, even more messes.}
Here’s a little refresher on what our master bedroom
looked like a couple of weeks ago:
To summarize what I said last week in Week 1’s post (read that HERE), here’s the rundown on the goals and how they’re coming along:
1. Getting rid of stuff:
You guys…I’ve gone rogue from the plan. The PLAN was to sort through and purge things in my bedroom, but I’ve gotten wildly adventurous and now there is no place in my house that is safe from this maniacal mission. I’ve gotten rid of baby bottles (that haven’t been used in years) and $1 spot Target stuff (that sweet little area in Target is like a black hole to me). I deleted 9,774 promotional emails. I’ve handled all my clothing and gotten rid of bags and bags, finally saying “bye” to those jeans that I swore I would fit in to again but I know I won’t because tacos. I also found that getting rid of gullible/dumb/sucker purchases has been SO HARD. For example, I got a free sample of this face serum that promised to reduce the appearance of fine lines, and they’ll throw in a free lotion…you JUST pay S&H. But then, next month, I JUST paid $89 for the serum and $90 for the lotion because of the teeniest tiniest fine print that talked about auto ship if you don’t cancel within 48 minutes. I’m talking you’d better have bionic eyesight to see that fine print. And, the best part? No returns.
I have had those 2 bottles of serum and 2 jars of lotion in my mirror cabinet for well over a year. Every time I would see it, I felt so dumb. Not consciously, but it definitely reinforced the “you were so gullible” playback in my head. So I tossed it. And it felt beyond great. My only regret is not getting a picture so you could see how tiny the bottles were. I’m also choosing to feel grateful for the (expensive) lesson learned, knowing that I won’t make that same mistake again.
Hold a second…I just saw an amazing ad for organic, grass fed, bilingual, PhD educated powdered kale that is guaranteed to reduce the appearance of fine lines….wait…never mind.
2. Paint:
so many dead brain cells. I’m serious. I just tried to spell “cells” like “sells.” And now I’m laughing at myself. Lots of painting going on. All the orangey wood trim is white, and that alone has completely changed the way the room feels. Now I’m just ramped up for us to paint the rest of the trim in the house. And by “us”, I mean Ryan. I’m busy eating tacos.
3. Organize the closet:
it’s happening! We moved our clothes out of our big dresser into our closet and I’m loving it. It makes our room feel so much bigger. Getting rid of clothing has made this an easier transition. Having only 2 pairs of underwear pays off! Also, scored some great doors on Craigslist. They just need painted and installed. That too is going to make our room feel more calm, not being able to see the organized chaos of the closet guts.
4. Accessories: I’m dying to get my hands on the wall sconce I ordered from Crate and Barrel. Mama like. Maybe a little too much. Curtains and hardware coming this week which is great because we slept on the couch for a couple nights because it’s weirdly uncomfortable for people to be able to look right into your bedroom while you sleep. I’m kind of oddly private like that. For now, our closet doors are blocking our sliding glass door, so we’ll get to sleep in our bed. Yippee!
I’m happy to report there have only been two casualties so far (not including the aforementioned brain cells), but they’re both total bummer accidents. The first one was my phone. Screen–kablammo. A (heavy) towel hook was taken down to paint, but I rested a towel hook on the brace (for some unknown reason), and then proceeded to knock it down, where it landed perfectly on my phone.
Second is the cello that used to live in the closet. I suspect it was jostled too much as we continually moved it around the room to accommodate where we were working. Well, that poor cello had enough, and the neck snapped clean off. Thankfully it’s not an expensive one (nice cellos are several thousands of dollars), but it’s still a bummer. Having small children is one reason we don’t have really nice things, but also having myself is a deterrent. I’m sure I’ll be a better adult someday.
Also, if you were wondering how Frodo and Sam figured out their ceiling fan issue, they decided that replacing it with a light fixture was the right thing to do to save the Shire. Frodo was very happy.
Thanks for following along with our fun bedroom transformation! We are really enjoying it, but that could be the paint fumes talking.
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