One Room Challenge + Week3

It’s the halfway point people! Frodo and Sam are trying to not lose their way in the swamp, being lead by Gollum.
If you have no clue what I’m talking about, you can see what this Lord of the Rings nerd is referring to in week 1 post HERE and week 2 post HERE. Proceed if you dare.
This was a great week! Some fun goodies arrived and were installed. My favorite? The curtains!! I was so sure I was going to want to do blackout curtains, but the more I thought about it, I decided to go with nicely lined ones. Give privacy, but still lets the light in. The curtains were hung by the chimney with care…no wait. The curtains were hung near the ceiling with care, which gives the small room a bit more airy feel. I chose a nice neutral striped cotton + linen blend, and purchased the curtain rings (including one ring to rule them all) to give it a really nice finished look. I also open them every day, so having rings is so much more manageable than just sticking the rod through the pocket. I love the black rods–they tie in perfectly with the light fixture (buh-bye fan!). I never get tired of the black and white combo. Classic.
Soooo….I’m having a hard time just not finishing it all, like, yesterday. I think it’s a combination of it being a really small space, being wired to get things done, and that I do this for a job, that I’m having to reign myself in. I think Ryan appreciates the slower timeline though, seeing how he’s working on wrapping up a biz project, and also getting some foundation work in on our shop and accessory dwelling (aka. my parents’ house that’s also a ground-up project).
We still have some “boring” things to take care of: installing and painting the closet doors, drawers in the closet, and baseboard. Then, I get to accessorize. Fun fun fun! Pictures, plants, pillows, paraphernalia, pretties, presents (those come from you…to congratulate me on finishing the ORC. I’ll gladly send you my address).
Remember last week how I told you about my phone screen being damaged beyond all repair? I have been missing doing Instastories!! Boo. It’s probably how poor Gollum felt when Bilbo took his precious. It has been a good experience though, not having my phone available to document stuff. I have to just enjoy the moment. Weird, right? But seriously. It’s a good practice to take a tech break every once in a while, and this was literally a tech break-break. I didn’t get any concerned DM’s so everyone seems to be able to live their lives too without my Instastories.
Here’s the pics from this week’s progress:
Week 3:
You can also check out all the official and guest participants HERE. There are some pretty amazing creatives at work!

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