One Room Challenge + Week4

You guys are not going to believe the list of things we got done this week!!!
Here it is!!
To sum it up, we got nothing done this week. Not a single frantastic thing.
And I ain’t even mad about it. We are working out guts off (that’s not even a phrase) to get a project done for our clients, so we haven’t had much time to put towards our bedroom project. I was going to hang up some pictures and maybe my light today, but then I realized all my tools are on the job site. Blerg.
We also have a couple of sickos living in our house. Boogers everywhere and all the coughing that makes me want to wear noise canceling headphones like I’m on a red eye flight. Minor tangent here, but if you don’t have a pair of those for when you fly, get ’em.
Since I don’t have any new goodies this week when it comes to my space directly, I want to share some tips on reclaiming your space!
And in case you missed the previous 3 weeks where we actually did accomplish stuff, you can catch up here:
You can also read about the other guest participants and official ORC participants HERE.
5 Ways to Reclaim Your Space
If you’re anything like me, the bedroom becomes a drop zone for laundry, give-away piles, papers that need to be filed, and clothing that needs to be sorted. Here are 5 ways to reclaim your space.
+ SORT and PURGE +
Tackle that closet, friend. I love going through my closet and getting rid of stuff! Here’s a simple trick: don’t replace what you get rid of unless it’s at least a 3-1 ratio. If you get something, get rid of 3. I’ve (recently) re-committed to only buying clothing that is good quality and is transitional. It’s kind of like a capsule wardrobe, but more lenient. I have had a bad habit of buying something because it’s a good deal (I’m giving you the stinkeye, Target clearance rack). When I became more mindful of what’s in my closet, it helped tame that urge to buy. Did you know that your brain actually lights up with serotonin when you purchase something new? That’s part of the reason it’s so hard to kick that habit. And yeah…I still slip up sometimes and end up coming home with a tshirt that quickly turns into a sleepy time tshirt, but it’s okay. Baby steps. Baby steps away from the goodies that are 70% off.
My nightstand and dresser have been notorious catchalls for clutter. Papers, books, bobby pins (they multiply like rabbits somehow), ear plugs, random decor that doesn’t fit somewhere else. Time to file those documents, either get rid of or store the decor somewhere else (attic? closet? garbage can? or sell it online!), and tidy up. Replace the clutter with a nice smelling candle, a book or two (not a tower)
Okay, this is HARD one. I’m so guilty of just one more scroll, check the email just one more time, one more refresh! By now, I’m guessing we’ve all seen the advice from experts telling us to shut it down at least an hour before we go to bed AND to keep tech out of the bedroom. But like eating healthy foods and exercising, we know what’s good for us, but we’re not always awesome sauce at the follow through. I use my phone for my alarm clock, baby monitor and note taker when something pops in my head when I’m trying to fall asleep. I’m going to newly commit myself to getting the tech out of my hands before bed and doing something relaxing for at least 30 minutes. Read a book. Take a bath. Play a board game. Talk with your spouse. This is a seriously good article/podcast episode on sleep: NPR Sleep Scientist Warns Against Walking Through Life ‘In An Underslept State’.
There are a couple big changes that can be made without spending boo koo bucks.
Light-blocking curtains: If you want to have ones that let in light during the day, consider a double rod with sheers and blackout curtains, or sheers with a shade behind.
New pillows: I’m not suggesting stacking 4 rows of pillows that you have to take off every time you get into bed BUT adding 2-3 euro pillows and 2 throw pillows can instantly dress up your bed. Throw pillows are like the adult version of stuffed animals. Love them and they’ll love you back. I’m looking at you, Lumbar Lucy (she’s my favorite, but don’t tell the others).
Lamps: I love having low light in the evening, and being able to turn it off without getting out of bed is a bonus. There are a variety of wall lamps that plug in (so no need to call the electrician) that also don’t take up nightstand space. Great for a small room!
Sheets: sheets can be EXPENSIVE, but you don’t have to buy the Egyptian 12,000 count organic cotton/linen/silk/unicorn hair set. Keep an eye out for some on clearance, watch for the deals online, check out a retail store that stocks stuff like that, like Home Goods or Big Lots . New sheets are a step above having freshly laundered sheets. If you can’t spring for a new set, do the next best thing: wash those sheets with a lovely smelling fabric softener or essential oil and let them air dry in the sun. Ahhh.
Connecting with your spouse. Cuddling with your kids. Reading your favorite book.
Be intentional.
This saying has stuck with me for years:
“Good, better, best.
Never let it rest’
Til your good is better, and your better is best. “
There are bunches of ways you could apply this saying, but in this particular scenario, I’ll apply it about choosing what we do with our time.
It’s good to let your brain relax and catch up on your favorite sitcom.
It might be better to read a thought provoking book.
It may be best to spend time with your loved ones, talking or playing a game, snuggling or making out.
It probably depends on the day which of those things is the good, better, or best choice, but the point is to be thoughtful in the things we do choose to put our energy and time towards. If we want to have our lives look a certain way in 5 years, there are things that we can choose now that contribute towards that goal. One of mine is to have a great relationship with my now six year old, and in five years tween, so I’m going to strive to make choices now that lay the groundwork for a good relationship then. I want my marriage to be thriving and fun in 2 years and beyond, so I’ll work (yeah, sometimes it’s work!) to keep things moving towards that bright future. Now, get in there and reclaim your space!!

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