One Room Challenge + Week5

Week five, stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive. If you’re wondering why the pic of the cactus, it’s because it’s the only plant I can keep stayin’ alive.
Welllll week five is upon us. O to the R to the C baby! If you remember last week, we got ZERO things done. This week, we got a few things done. The biggie is that we got the closet doors installed. Ahhhh. Not being able to see my closet guts has really helped with the calm mind thing. Our closet really isn’t in too much chaos, especially since I got rid of lots of clothing, but it’s still enough to make my subconscious unhappy with the mix of colors and sizes and boxes that are in there. If that sounds too “woo-whee”, the whole subconscious thing, I can prove it by sliding the door open: aaaaargh! closed: ahhhhh… See? Science.
Since we finished our giant client project, I got to bring my tools home this week. I busted out my hammer and drill, nails and drywall anchors and put up my light (which I love a freakish amount), and some artwork.
The light from CB2 is 4 ft long, which I think is so unusual and awesome. It’s perfect between our bed and chair, and with a low wattage bulb, it’s just the right brightness for nighttime reading. That is, if I’m reading a book and not my phone (more about the low-tech-no-tech battle in the bedroom here). Ryan always gives me grief about hanging things NOT in studs, but that would totally throw off my groove, man. According to the stud rule, pictures would only be hung every 16″, which is a terrible way to decorate.
By the way, when I just read these first couple of paragraphs to Ryan, we ended up having (yet another) lengthy conversation about the Stud Rule. I stand by my molly bolts.
The art is something I found on Etsy and printed at our local print shop I put them in nicely matted frames that were brand spankin’ new that I snatched up from Goodwill. Score!
In case you’ve forgotten what it’s looked like in the previous 5 weeks, let me refresh your memory (mine’s still going strong, thanks).
There’s really less than one week left, and we’ve got a few things to wrap up including:
1) installing baseboard: we’ve got a template of all the measurements, just need to hack and tack.
2) sanding and painting the closet doors (yeah, the already installed ones have to be uninstalled and reinstalled).
3) additional bedding:I hate to admit it, but I have two things that I get hung up on when I decorate: throw pillows and rugs. Ah, screw it. Make everything white.
4) more art! I like calm, minimal-ish, uncluttered, especially in our bedroom, but I think we do need a little more color and life in here. I may even brave a real life plant. We’ll see. Would have to start my own One Plant Challenge. But I would probably kill it before week 6.
Next week is the BIG REVEAL for all the official participants (which I am not) and guest participants (which I am). I’m a sucker for a great before and after, so I’m already blocking out some time next Thursday to scroll through all those fantastic posts. There’s something so gratifying about seeing what the designer or decorator dreamed up come to life. Going to get me a box of Jr. Mints and a glass of wine and get to scrollin’ with my homesies. You can follow along with their stories HERE on the ORC website.
See you next week! I’ll be the one all sweaty and out of breath because we were installing the remaining stuff at the last possible second.

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