REVEAL: One Room Challenge +Week6

Do you remember my sad little bedroom?
No bed. No closet doors. No spark of creativity. No love.
Quite forlorn. Allllll alone. Neglected. Forgotten. Tumbleweeds. Whistling wind. Somewhere, somehow, a wolf howls.
(I like big buts.)
Not anymore. The bedroom once stricken with The Ugly, is like a teen in those movies where she just removes her glasses and now she’s hot. Like that, but totally different.
Instead of glasses off, the list was a bit more extensive. Here’s what we had to work with:
YIKES, right? You can even see the little danglies from the overhead fan/light combo. Ceiling jewelry.
Here’s the mood board and inspiration:
Here’s the list we tackled:
1. I know you’re not actually reading this.
2. You’re scrolling on by to see the “after” shots.
3. If you’re still reading this, can I buy you coffee? I feel like we could be friends.
4. The real list is as follows:
1. A BED
2. Closet doors
3. Paint: walls + trim (oh, and install baseboard)
4. New curtains + rods and hung at a better height
5. Overhead fan/light BE GONE. Shazam!
6. Better lighting, including snazzy wall lamp
7. Throw pillows
8. Catch pillows
9. Rearrange furniture
10. Move out the big ol’ dresser
11. Get rid of loads of crapola (no affiliation with Crayola. Except maybe the brown crayon)
Sayonara you personality depleted teen bedroom. It seriously felt like we were kids in college, sleeping on a mattress on the floor. The kids loved it–like an indoor trampoline that just begged to be pounced on, especially right after Someone just made it. Someone was not amused.
If you’re still around after the beautiful photos, I’ll share some more personal details on why we decided to put some energy into making our bedroom a restful, calm retreat.
Without further ado… GLASSES OFF!
You can check out all the sources in another post I did HERE
Lot 35 Homes Master Bedroom
Lot 35 Homes Master Bedroom
Lot 35 Homes Master Bedroom
Lot 35 Homes Master Bedroom
Lot 35 Homes Master Bedroom
Lot 35 Homes Master Bedroom
Lot 35 Homes Master Bedroom
Lot 35 Homes Master Bedroom
Lot 35 Homes Master Bedroom
Lot 35 Homes Master Bedroom
Lot 35 Homes Master Bedroom
You guys. I wish I could have a smell sensor somehow on this blog post, so you could just catch a whiff of newly scrubbed surfaces, bleached comforter, vacuumed carpet, sunshine, and happiness. If happiness had a smell by the way, I’m fairly certain it would be funfetti cake. (If you’re interested in where all the goodies are from, you can check this post out HERE)
Any of you who are parents know the absolute joy and unbelievable exhaustion that comes with being responsible for tiny humans. It’s not just physically laborious, but it’s the whole gig: spiritual, emotional, mental, did I mention mental?
It’s the hardest, best thing of my life to be in charge of 3. Although, don’t ask my two-year-old who’s in charge. He’ll be sure to tell you it’s him.
One of the particular challenges in the parenting arena is that our oldest daughter has a degenerative disease. We got her diagnosis when she was 3, and shortly after, she peaked in her development, then slowly started to lose skills. There’s really not a concise way to express the devastation that we felt when we first heard the acronym MPS. This disease is relentless, and experiencing the reality of it has been challenging, life changing and completely uprooted what we thought we knew about LIFE.
I would be remiss to only talk about the hard stuff, and unfair to the experience to only talk about the good stuff. There’s a delicate chaos to this journey, as seemingly incompatible realities coexist: hope and sorrow, joy and anguish, mourning and laughter, grief and grateful expectation. Our faith is our bedrock, and our sweet girl is our joy. She’s a ball of light and is a beauty magnet. She makes the best friends, and has a power that draws in the “different” ones. She continually gives people a peek into what innocence really looks like.
The emotional and physical requirements for parenting a terminally ill child with a physical disability are many, so I decided to work on making our bedroom a sanctuary. Not all nights are good nights. I cry more in my room than anywhere else. I deal with all the anxious thoughts and feelings, that seem to show up in full force at night, in my bed. I felt in my guts that we needed a place to not just sleep, but to REST.
Rest certainly looks different for everyone, but for me, it means a lack of clutter, not a lot of color, a way to let light in while still being private, comfortable, and clean.
I have no doubt it will be tempting to let our bedroom be the drop zone for stuff (again), but I’m going to work at keeping it how I need it to be. I firmly believe that a home environment affects us mentally and emotionally, and I want to keep our home as a place that supports our well-being as we support the well-being of our favorite little humans.
We were guest participants in the One Room Challenge. You can see all the other participants, both guests and official on the ORC website.
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  2. Morgan Motsinger

    June 30th, 2018 at 7:14 pm

    Thanks Matthew!

  3. Sabine Biesalski

    July 4th, 2018 at 9:50 pm

    I love this room and the piece I fell in love with is your tripod tablelamp. Would you be so kind and tell me where it is from?

  4. Morgan Motsinger

    July 5th, 2018 at 6:15 am

    Thank you Sabine! I love that piece too. It’s the Delavan Tripod Lamp from Target.
    *this comment contains affiliate links

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